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Limousines for Prom Night

LMC Limousine specializes in transportation for the young adults of today. We provide a huge array of specialty limousines to accommodate the requests from junior high school and secondary school students. We all know the worries of parents that anticipate chauffeurs to arrive clean, and also drive the limousines for their children’s prom destination.

We can supply a vast selection of transport for couples that desire their limo, or group of party buses that may transport up to 28 passengers, or pupils that are currently on the lookout for a stretch limo. Every limo will arrive pristine and every driver will provide you with assurance, as he is aware of how important it is for his limo passengers to get to their destination safely.

Trying to book a limousine to take you to the prom? Do not wait anymore.


The Right Limousine For The Right Event. Call Us today (215) 504-4444

ALL of our vehicles are available for this service.

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